Oh, Hey.

Did I mentioned I 180’d my life and moved to Brooklyn? Almost a year after riding a roller coaster called “OMG whose life is this?!” I have found myself back on Veggie with… Continue reading

Beet It! Beet It!

There’s a good chance that song is now stuck in your head…sorry. You want to know what makes you feel very crafty in the kitch and down right good about your skills? Making… Continue reading

Fresh Air & Sweets

I’m all for a solo mission. And, living in Colorado, solo missions are awesome because you have endless, beautiful hikes to choose from to get a work out while you clear your mind.… Continue reading

Eggs for days! Literally.

I can’t get enough of them now that I actually eat them. Since I am really active, I don’t feel guilty about eating them every day. I also don’t feel guilty about being… Continue reading

Hall Pass

I got to scoot down to Charleston the other weekend to join a handful of my friends from home for our friend’s wedding. I was actually nervous about this weekend for quite sometime… Continue reading

It’s Mocktail Hour!

Having not been able to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine in the past 6 or so weeks has forced me to get creative with what I sip on when sitting… Continue reading

The Life of an Empty Tummy

While focus and concentration will be stronger than ever once I am healed, during the cleansing process your mind is very “off.” That’s why I’ve had a hard time blogging the past few… Continue reading

Veggie with a [New] Vision

Veggie with a vision is back in action, however, this veggie now has a different vision – to fix her belly. I became a vegan 4 or so years ago, cold turkey. I… Continue reading

Livin’ the Kind Life

Right now, I am livin’ the Kind Life and I feel so great. I’ve been a vegan for over three years now and sometimes I wonder, “what in the world can I cut… Continue reading

Spring, Skiing & Chickpea Smash

Spring is up and running in Denver and it is quite a delight. Not only does spring make you want to ride your bike everywhere and get your veggie on at the farmers… Continue reading